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Merit's 6" ABS case liquid in glass industrial thermometers are available in fixed bottom (straight) connection or fixed back connection configurations with 2", 2.5" and 4" stem lengths available standard. Each thermometer comes standard with a 1/2" NPT brass separable socket (3/4" NPT available), red or blue organic (kerosene) liquid filling and dual scale F&C temperature ranges and a glass lens. Lead-Free brass separable sockets and PC lenses are available upon request. Standard temperature ranges are: -40/110 F&C, 20/120 F&C, 20/180 F&C, 30/240 F&C and 50/400 F&C. Other ranges are available upon request.

TRD Series 6" Case Liquid In Glass Industrial Thermometers

  • Note: California Prop. 65 warning applies to products manufactured with brass or low-lead brass.

  • Suitable for any application that requires a economical, accurate and easy to read liquid in glass thermometer such as in heating, cooling, plumbing and other pipelines that require a sealed-system. Also suitable for use in boilers, tanks, etc.

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