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Our TCO Series Clamp-On Surface Thermometer is designed to read the surface temperature of process media inside of pipes. Each thermometer has a 2.5" dial with a rear surface area of 1.5" designed to measure the temperature of the pipe. An expandable spring is included which is suitable for attaching the thermometer to pipe sizes ranging from 1/2" in diameter to 4" in diameter. Available in ranges -40/110 F&C, 30/250 F&C or 30/390 F&C with an accuracy rating of +/-3%. Case material is 304 stainless steel with a copper sensing element. Lens material is glass giving an IP rating of IP55. The spring is plated steel.

TCO Series Clamp-On Surface Thermometer

  • For use on pipes to measure temperature of process media contained inside the pipe. Suitable for use in HVAC, waste water, water pipes and many other industrial applications.

  • Custom dials.

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