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Merit's TGBS Series 3" dial botttom connection tridicator comes standard with a black steel case, brass internals, glass lens, chrome plated ring and a 1/2" NPT bottom connection. Standard available ranges are 30/250 F&C and 0/75 Psi/kPa or 80/320 F&C and 0/200 psi/kPa. Ranges are available in single or dual scales in psi only, kPa only and Bar only, or combination dual scale ranges. Standard stem length is 2.5" with custom stem length sizes available upon request. Designed to provide economical and reliable measurement of pressure & temperature in boiler applications.

TBGS Series 3" Dial Bottom Connection Tridicator

  • Designed for use in hot water or steam boilers.

  • Custom dials, custom pressure & temperature ranges, custom stem lengths.

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