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Available in 1/4" NPT F x 1/4" NPT M, or 1/2" NPT F x 1/2" NPT M connections, Merit's 316 stainless steel pressure snubbers are designed to slow the ingress of the process media to prevent potential damage to the pressure instrument by limiting hydraulic shock. With snubber porosities suitable for Air/Gases, Water/Light Oil and Heavy Oil, our snubbers are designed to protect under various applications where hydraulic shock may or does occur, extending the life of your pressure instrument.

ACSS Series Stainless Steel Snubber

  • For use on any process media that is not corrosive to 316L stainless steel. Designed to prevent damage to the pressure instrument caused by excessive pulsation or media "hammer" by slowing the process media prior to entering the process instrument.

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